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Novin Knows Property Management

Property Management Services for Co-ops, Condos, Rental and Commercial Properties



High-value effort at optimal costs

Owners of Novin and Associates, LLC have been in property management business for over 25 years in NYC. We have extensive knowledge and experience in managing Co-op, Condo, rental and commercial buildings.


We will work with the property owner or Board to prepare an operating budget.  Our senior property manager  will perform a monthly inspection of the property including roof, garage, boiler room etc. and report any issues to the owner or Board.  We will work with the Board to make sure you are happy with the building maintenance staff performance and how to improve if there is a need. 


Our monthly management reports to owners and boards are clear, comprehensive and show a complete and transparent view of all financial activities during the month with copies of invoices and bank statements included in the report. 

Novin & Associates is a Licensed Real Estate Broker servicing New York City and Long Island.


We I have over 25 years of experience in the maintenance of all building components and required repairs.

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Property Inspection

The assigned property manager will regularly visit your building and inspect the grounds to check for potential problems. In addition, we’ll complete a monthly roof-to-basement inspection and write a field report to Board members. We will ensure proper operations of heating and hot water system and all other mechanical and plumbing systems.

City and State Code Compliance

Novin & Associates, monitors actions necessary for making the timely inspections required for filing documents with government agencies. The inspection and filings may include Boilers, Elevators, Building Structure and Façade, Terraces, Roof, Fire Sprinkler System, Fuel Oil Tanks, etc. 

Day-to-Day Building Operations Management

Novin & Associates, will coordinate your building staff’s responsibilities. We also include development of reporting procedures. If needed we will develop a staff work schedules, job descriptions and procedures. We I have extensive experience in the maintenance of all building components and repairs

Monthly Management Reports

Your Monthly Management Report includes a summary of monthly activity and details of  your building’s financial activities, paid invoices, and all bank statements. Our monthly management reports are clear, comprehensive and show a complete and transparent view of all the activities during the month.

Evaluating Building Components

Novin & Associates will evaluate all building systems, at times with the assistance of a professional engineer or architect, providing the owner or Board with recommendations for maintenance or replacement of inefficient systems.

Evaluation and Implementation of Security

Representative from our Management will do a walk-through security evaluation and provide the board with a written report detailing the security needs of your building.

Development of Communications

Between Shareholders and Boards, Novin & Associates can develop a communications program that may include notices and a periodic newsletter on issues pertaining to your building and other tools that will facilitate easy communication with your building’s residents and staff.

Energy Management Programs

Novin & Associates will consult with your Board regarding ways to conserve energy and cut costs for your building. Additionally, we will make recommendations for renovations or alterations that will help improve your building’s energy efficiency.

Fire Safety


Novin & Associates is concerned for the safety of all our residents. We review the fire safety plan of each building and distribute to both the residents and staff. This plan will take into account the size, means of egress, the age of the building. In addition, all exit signs and emergency lighting will be inspected.


Novin & Associates, LLC

47-09 30th Street Suite 604

Long Island City, NY 11101


Tel: 718-701-4600  

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